Pre-settlement Services

Our staff brings years of experience to the table, handling cases within a wide range of topics.

Our state-of-the-art web-based technology allows you to securely access our database system and track the flow of information every step of the way.

Our Reporting Services include:

  • Analysis of class member database for duplicate, incomplete or inconsistent information
  • Tracking of mailing recipients, including standard mailing declarations and return mail statistics
  • Correlation of valid claims, check counts and associated settlement amounts
  • Compilation of exclusions, objections, deficient and/or rejected claims
  • Settlement fund analysis and bank account reconciliation reports
  • Status reports on individual tax reporting to claimants and IRS
  • Aggregate telephone support statistics detailing communications to and from class members
  • Tracking of media campaign execution, including obtaining affidavits of publication
  • Preparation of final reports for counsel & the court


Analyzing data is the key
to any class action case.