Pre-settlement Services

CAC Services will develop a notice and administration plan that satisfies court and class requirements at the outset of each case.

CAC will design and execute a case-specific program to accomplish cost-effective, timely identification and notification of class members, analysis of claims and distribution of settlement funds.

Our Pre-Settlement Services include:

  • Review settlement terms, suggesting efficient alternatives
  • Consult on proposed allocation plan and/or create allocation methods
  • Design a program and management plan for class administration
  • Create a database that tracks every contact with class members
  • Identify unknown class members through targeted media placement
  • Place any preliminary notices

Customized Services...

CAC will also work with you to provide "as needed" services. We will design an Abridged Administration Program for you so that your firm receives only the services you need.

Banking Affiliations

Our banking affiliations give settlement payments the highest level of fraud protection in the industry and give you piece of mind that your entire settlement fund is federally insured. Our association with local printing sources allows us to handle mailings of up to three million pieces a day.