Pre-settlement Services

CAC's class notification methods are efficient and cost-effective.

During the initial phase of the claims administration process, CAC Services can design and implement a notice program that entails a direct mailing in concert with a media campaign. In providing notice to known class members, direct mailing is the most efficient and cost-effective method available. For unknown class members, we create a specific media mix from broad-based media networks to effectively reach the target audience. From there, class members inquiring for more information can access a case specific website or, more personally, speak with one of our professionally trained call center representatives.

Our Notification Services include:

Direct Mail:

  • Design of notices and claim forms using plain, easily understood language
  • Printing and mailing of notices and claim forms up to 3 million pieces daily
  • Address searches & updates used to create an accurate database prior to mailing

Media Campaign:

  • Demographically target unknown class members using media sources with a quantifiable reach and frequency
  • Access to a cost-effective media including print, radio, television, internet and non-conventional media
  • Design, placement and coordination of creative instructions with media vendors

24/7 Call Center:

  • Live telephone support
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System
  • Call activity reports
  • Monitoring to review disputed information, providing evidence for the court, if necessary

Interactive Website:

  • Design, support and host informative website
  • On-line claims submission using our proprietary electronic filing service

Efficient Notification...

CAC will use the most efficient methods available to make sure the right people are notified in a timely and cost effective manner.