Pre-settlement Services

CAC Services integrates our professional staff and proprietary database management system with the most advanced technology to ensure each claim is handled properly.

The use of Optical Character Recognition and Intelligent Character Recognition (OCR/ICR) technology allows us to efficiently scan, process, and upload all claims and class correspondence into our proprietary electronic database. CAC Services' staff members can then resolve any disputes or claim deficiencies, either by issuing deficiency and/or rejection letters, all while the current status of each class member is accurately updated in our database.

Our Claims Processing Services include:

  • Verification of data received from class members
  • Evaluation of claim substantiations and supporting documentation
  • Resolving claimant disputes, duplicate claims and claim deficiencies
  • Maintenance of data history on all class members
  • Compilation of exclusion requests
  • Calculation of claims and settlement amounts
  • Preparation of affidavits for settlement recommendations

Customized Services...

CAC will also work with you to provide "as needed" services. We will design an Abridged Administration Program for you so that your firm receives only the services you need.